Frequently Asked Questions: Hair Removal


Does waxing hurt?

It depends on the person.  Some people have a high discomfort tolerance, while others have a low tolerance. Waxing generally stings as the hair is being removed and then the area may feel a little irritated but should not continue to hurt.

How often should I wax?

Each person is different depending on how fast you hair grows. But generally the average is:
Eyebrows: 2-3 weeks
Legs/ Arms: 4-6 weeks
Bikini: 3-5 weeks
Back & Chest: 3-5 weeks

Why is waxing better than shaving?

Shaving cuts the hair at the thickest part of the strand causing the hair to grow in thick and fast. When the hair is waxed you are removing the whole strand of hair, including the root from the follicle, causing your hair to grow back finer and at a slower rate.

How long should my hair be in order to be waxed?

The hair should be between 1/6 -1/2 an inch in length. Longer hair may need to be trimmed. Shorter than 1/6 inch may result in an incomplete wax where the hair that is growing does not get removed properly because there is not enough length to remove it.

When should I not receive a wax?

It is not recommended for a person to receive a wax while using retinol products, Accutane, has a sunburn, razor burn in the area being waxed or has received microdermabrasion in the past 48 hours.