Frequently Asked Questions: Scheduling An Appointmnet


How do I book an appointment?

The best thing to do is call!! The receptionist will happily assist you with all of your questions and help you book the right appointment for your needs. Please notify the receptionist before booking your appointment if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure, any physical ailments or disabilities. This will prepare the staff in advance to provide the best possible spa experience for you. When receiving your treatment, the therapist or esthetician will address your needs based on your personal assessment.

Cancelling your appointment/ Cancellation policy.

We require a 24 hour notice for a cancellation. If you call to cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time there is a 50% charge for the service you were scheduled for. All no-shows are charges 100% of the service they were scheduled for. We do offer a reminder phone call as a courtesy, if you receive a late reminder phone call we do apologize, however, that does not affect our cancellation policy.

Why is a credit card needed to hold an appointment?

We require a credit card for our cancellation policy which is stated directly above this question. Your appointment does NOT automatically get charged to your card, it is for our records only. You may use a different card at the time of payment, or cash. We take Visa, Master Card and Discover. If you do not want to leave a credit card number, we unfortunately can not hold that time slot for you and you may come as a walk-in, the only downfall with that is we can not guarantee that we will have an available therapist or esthetician for that time, someone may have scheduled an appointment before you arrive. Parties of 3 or more are required to make a 50% non-refundable deposit on services for that day.

How much do I tip?

A day spa average is $10-20 per hour. If you would like to give the therapist or esthetician something extra for an exceptional service, the choice is up to you. If you were given a gift certificate, ask if the tip was included. Tips can be left at the reception desk, which has gratuity envelopes or you may leave it on your card, and passed along to your therapist/esthetician.
Received services from more than one therapist? You may leave a separate tip for each one on your card or in envelopes.

What if I book for a couples service and the other person does not show?

You are still responsible for paying for 50% of the service for that person if you were the one to schedule the appointment. We recommend that if you do not want to be responsible for that charge, that the person you plan on bringing should schedule their appointment with a separate credit card.

Should I turn off my cell phone?

Yes please! At least switch the ring option to silent or vibrate. It is difficult to relax during a service if you’re answering a call, texting, checking e-mails and receiving social networking updates. It is also respectful to others receiving treatments if you silent your phone.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early. These few extra minutes allow for some down time before your service, giving you a chance to start your service relaxed, instead of feeling rushed. Especially for first time clients who need that extra time to fill out paperwork, and for the therapists and/ or estheticians to properly introduce themselves, discuss your treatment, medical history and answer all of your questions without diminishing your service time.
**There is an extra 15 minutes scheduled into your appointment time in case you are running a few minutes late or your therapist is running a few minutes late from a bathroom break or cleaning up after a prior client.


Speak up about what you want.

When booking your appointment make sure to specify the gender of the therapist you would prefer if the receptionist does not ask. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the gender of your therapist.

During your massage appointment, feel free to speak up about anything (i.e. more/less pressure, a different music volume, adjusting the temperature of the table warmer). Your comfort is the most important thing, and if you are not comfortable, you are not fully relaxed!