Chair Events

Stress-related employee turnover, absenteeism and waning morale all affect the production of businesses. The number of companies that offer massage to lower stress and improve productivity is growing every year. Studies have shown that 99% of employees will take part in a chair massage. Bodywork Unbound Therapeutic Massage & Spa offers corporate chair massage for small businesses and companies with multiple offices. Companies can use massage to relieve the stress of restructuring, moving, budget season, or other hectic times of the year, or to help keep everyone healthy and on the job when a deadline or product launch is causing stress. Massage can help your team get through a demanding time or reward them for their extra effort.

Chair Massage Benefits:

  • Chair massage is often cheaper than providing free coffee or donuts to your employees and healthier.
  • A Company Chair Event produces same day results that last for weeks.
  • Even a brief chair massage visit can significantly improve employee problem solving abilities, improve creative thinking and relieve fatigue.
  • Relaxed workers are more likely to cooperate with each other, and lowering stress lowers both anxiety and hostility, improving the work environment for everyone
  • By lowering stress, massage helps eliminate absenteeism, making your team more competitive.
  • A corporate chair massage can help keep your employees healthy as well as happy and let’s employees know you really care about their well-being.
  • Massage helps prevent and treat the pain and numbness associated with excessive keyboard and mouse and has been shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis pain, and improve joint and muscle aches especially in painful areas of the neck and back and can even increase immunity to colds and flu.
  • With the increasing costs of health insurance, many companies struggle to find benefits to help attract and retain employees.
  • Company Chair Events increase job satisfaction and create a caring environment that employees appreciate.

Even a single Employee Appreciation Massage Day can lift morale or help your company get through a tough patch. Bring a Chair Event to your company today!

General Chair Massage Event Packages:

2 Hour Service with 2 Licensed Massage Therapists – $300
4 Hour Service with 2 Licensed Massage Therapists – $600

*More options available upon request. Multiple Chair Events per year will decrease price per Event.