Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy

Feet on Back - Ashiatsu Massage Vertical

Many forms of barefoot massage have been brought to the United States from India, Japan, Thailand, China and the Philippines.
This type of massage is typically associated with Shiatsu. Ashiatsu is Asian barefoot massage.
“Ashi” means “foot,” and “atsu” means “pressure.”
Oils and lotion are applied to the body, and soft, clean, bare feet give a rhythmic and deep massage.
Parallel bars are overhead, used for the therapist’s balance and control

Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy is distinctly separate and unique in comparison to Shiatsu or traditional Ashiatsu.
This is not performed on a futon or floor mat with the head turned to the side, but on a massage table with a face cradle.
With Deepfeet Bar Therapy, the feet are used in line with standard Western massage fundamentals and anatomy.
Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy works because the pressure you are able to deliver with your feet is greater, and less painful at the same time.

Deepfeet Bar Therapy Benefits for Client:
- The feet are more comfortable than pointy elbows and thumbs (it’s not painful).
- The broad surface of the feet enable the client to relax into the strokes. It is known to induce deep relaxation quickly.
- Gravity enables the pressure to be deeper than with hands-on.
- Ashiatsu increases circulation quickly.
- It’s both luxurious and yet therapeutic at the same time.
- Deepfeet Bar Therapy is especially beneficial as it warms up the larger muscle groups.
- Ashiatsu relieves tight muscles and stress.
- Deep pressure stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities.
- Less soreness typically results than with deep neuromuscular work.

60 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes – $125
60 Minutes + 30 Minutes Therapeutic Massage Р$115
2 Hour - $165

Purchase a Series of (6) 60 Minute Ashiatsu Massages for $435 (SAVE $75)