Raindrop Technique


Raindrop Technique incorporates select calming, energizing and soothing essential oils with traditional massage practices.
Application of these pure, therapeutic grade essential oils results in energy alignment, stress relief
and the harmonious balance of every system in the body.
wisdom with the latest essential oil research.

By integrating gentle massage sequences with specific oils, Young Living has created an experience that balances energy,
releases toxins and facilitates open energy flow throughout the body.
Raindrop Technique is an approach that combines physiological principles with powerful Native American, Lakota,
wisdom and traditions that emphasize accessing energy for harmonious balance of every system in the body as well as overall wellness.

This technique has been a great resource for aiding sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis and chronic back pain.
Other benefits include:
Kills Viral and Bacterial Pathogens
Reduces Inflammation
Supports Immune System
Eases Respiratory Discomfort
Lifts the Spirit


90 Minutes – $100


Purchase a Series of (6) 90 Minute Raindrop Technique Massages for $510 (SAVE $90)