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Thank you for your continued patience throughout our new guidelines and regulations! We are excited to be able to offer all of our services at this time with a MASK FREE experience.


When scheduling your first appointment back, we will need to re-enter some information. We still require a valid e-mail address, credit card and cell phone number to ensure any required forms are filled out prior to your first appointment back and before arriving for any future appointments.


**If scheduling online or through the VAGARO app, we may also need to move your appointment time up or down to accommodate for proper cleaning in between clients.


Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early as our waiting room space is limited.  


You will be offered to use the restroom prior to the start of your appointment after you have been invited in.

**Please bring a water bottle with you to hydrate before or after your session, we are not able to provide cups at this time.


as of 7/20/2022

You no longer need to present the desk with your Covid-19 Vaccination Card if you wish to have a mask-free experience with us! 

We are unable to disclose our provider's Vaccination Status, please refrain from asking the desk. Making sure everyone's privacy is protected to their own comfort level is extremely important to us. We are all working to achieve the same things! 

If your therapist is mask-free and you would prefer for your service to be performed with a masked provider please ASK! We will happily comply :)


Inside scoop on our protocols:

  • For your safety, we will be wearing a face covering when we interact with you unless we are fully vaccinated. 

    • If you would prefer we wear a face mask, please do not hesitate to ASK!​

  • Your provider may be wearing an apron and or a face shield to reduce the possibility of contaminants between clients. Don't worry, we are not space invaders!

  • In place of a face cradle cover, we will be using a pillow case surrounding the face pillow to create a sealed barrier meant to catch any droplets that could be exhaled while you are face down.

  • We have replaced our white noise machines with Medify MA-14 Air Purifiers with Medical grade M13 HEPA filters in each treatment room and common areas. These filters are replaced every 6 months unless they need to be changed sooner.  

  • Your favorite soft tables are still there however we have added a protective vinyl covering over the fleece to make sanitizing more efficient and reduce possible contamination. AND in case you wanted to try a Lomi Lomi massage, your table is ready!

  • Each Therapist documents daily contact to easily identify which room they used, clients they worked on, times sanitized etc. 

  • Your Therapist may be ​asking a few Covid-19 related questions prior to the start of your treatment and will be going over anything they find during the session directly after (prior to leaving the room). If you have any questions for your therapist please ask before they exit the treatment room, once you open your treatment door you will be directed to either the restroom or to the reception area.

As Massage Therapy has been deemed an essential healthcare practice, we will not be removing any Massage Therapy services throughout any zone designation and will continue to remain open.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new information please feel free to call or text us at 585.360.2700 or email us at!

Do not respond to the automated text reminders and appointment confirmations or try to call the phone number they are sent from as they do not contact us. If you would like to message us, please use the messenger tab in the bottom right of this (or any of our) page(s). 

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