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Jayson has been practicing massage therapy for 7 years and counting. Starting fresh out of school, he practiced at a chiropractic office where he learned to massage in detail and focused on the different muscle groups expanding his medical massage skills. 


Jayson is so excited to be working at BU not only because he knows it’s a fantastic place to work, but also because he is eager to learn all of the modalities to develop even more skills that he can use throughout his massage career. Jayson always says that he feels like he’s going to be a student in the game forever, but his knowledge, understanding, and commitment when it comes to giving the best massage is already ahead of the curve.


When he is not massaging, he spends a lot of time with his family and loves taking his little mini-me to the gym for swim time! So come on in, and say what’s up to Jayson! 


Therapeutic Massage, Couples Massage, Herbal Massage for Pain Relief, Prenatal Massage, Adolescent Massage

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