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Hairs To You


Hair dazzles in radiance! Add a relaxing scalp treatment and scalp massage to your experience. This add-on helps relieve tension while also moisturizing and nourishing hair for the supreme replenishment.

Barley, Sandalwood and Amurense bark combine with Agave Nectar and a blend of natural oils deeply hydrate without a greasy after feel.

Combining these powerful ingredients into an invigorating scalp massage produces benefits such as, deep hydration of the scalp aiding in removing dead skin, opening the pores for an intense hydration and massaging the oils in increases circulation and reduces tension in the muscles surrounding the scalp that can contribute to tension headaches, TMJ dysfunction and neck and eye strain.

Plus, the vitamins in the oil wrap the hair follicles in a rich silky coating creating more volume and softening the shaft of each strand.

*Add to any massage, body treatment or facial
*Adds no time


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