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A deposit of 50% of the service total being scheduled is now required in order to book and hold any appointment slot. *If the appointment is canceled or changed prior to our late cancellation policy, the original deposit amount will be refunded to the original payment method.

*If you have a Gift Certificate you would like to use for the deposit, please give us a call at 585-360-2700.


We require 24 hours notice in order to cancel, shorten, changed or reschedule any appointments. 

If an appointment was scheduled within 24 hours of the start of the appointment, our cancellation policy still applies.

If an appointment is late canceled, changed, shortened or rescheduled within 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled appointment, the 50% deposit fee will be redeemed. 

If you are a no-call, no-show to your scheduled appointment, there is a 100% fee of the service(s). The deposit fee will be redeemed and the remaining balance will be charged to the card on your account. 

Rescheduling an appointment past 24 hours is still considered a late cancel. 


Arriving late to your appointment will cut into the service time. 


We enforce our cancellation policy to ensure your provider is compensated for the time you reserve.

Late cancellations of 3 or more will require 100% prepayment for any upcoming appointment.


Services purchased, Gift Certificate purchases, eGift Cards, Roll-over Cancellation Fees, Products, Packages and Series are non-refundable.

Gift Certificates purchased as a service expire 1 year after purchase date, amount paid expires 9 years after purchase date.

Series and Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and are valid with individual therapist purchased for. 

Packages of 3 appointments expire 6 months after purchase date. Packages of 6 appointments expire 12 months after purchase date.

Bodywork Unbound Gift Certificates are not valid with Mandi or Andrew.

Couples Appointments and Packages:

For Couples Appointments and Packages, we require 48 hours notice to cancel, shorten, change or reschedule.


A deposit of 50% of the service total being scheduled is now required in order to book and hold any appointment slot. 

This is to ensure that all providers have enough time to rebook those spots.


The same as above applies for the 50% deposit being redeemed if the appointments are canceled, changed, shortened or rescheduled past 48 hours prior to the appointment time.


Rescheduling an appointment past 48 hours is still considered a late cancel. 

Illness related cancellations:

If you are feeling under the weather, please contact the front desk as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.


We still require 24 hours notice to cancel or change any appointment(s) and appointments canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours will be a redemption of the 50% deposit total of the service(s) which will roll over to your next appointment when you are able to return. 

If there is no notification to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to the start time, we will not be able to roll over the original deposit. 

Rescheduling an appointment past 24/48 hours is still considered a late cancel. 


If you are feeling ill and need to cancel within 24 hours, we may apply majority of the cancellation fee toward your next appointment. You will not lose the full amount for canceling when you feel ill.


If you arrive at the Spa and are presenting symptoms of a cough, fever, trouble breathing or any of the novel symptoms of Covid-19, flu or cold symptoms, you will not be seen and the 50% deposit will be redeemed and not rolled over to the next appointment. This is to ensure the therapists time is compensated.  

If your appointment has been canceled due to an illness and you have been charged a cancellation fee or your deposit has been redeemed, that has been applied to your next appointment, and that appointment is also late canceled, an additional cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card on your account and the original roll over credit will no longer be valid.  

*Illness related late cancellation fees that roll over will be applied to the next appointment with the same therapist. We are unable to transfer cancellation fees between BU therapists, Mandi or Andrew.

Scheduling an appointment for someone other than yourself:

Please be aware that scheduling an appointment for someone other than yourself and entering your credit card information onto their account retains your credit card information for their future appointments.


We strongly advise against scheduling appointments for individuals other than yourself with your credit card information as all appointments scheduled online are outside of our control. 

If you have had an appointment scheduled for you, please update your account with your correct information with the desk to ensure appointment notifications, reminders, receipts, forms and all correspondences reach you. 

Scheduling an appointment for a Minor:

In order to properly schedule an appointment for an adolescent/minor/individual under the age of 18 we will need:

- a separate email address that is not associated to your account and profile,

- a valid credit card on file for the above cancellation policy 

Parental consent form to be completed by a parent or guardian per visit. 

Please read the consent form carefully and ensure the proper information is in the correct place.


The Massage Intake Form for the minor needs to contain their information with the email address on their account. 

Forms that are completed incorrectly will need to be completed again prior to the start of the appointment and may cut into the appointment time. 

Adolescents ages 5-15, we require a parent or guardian present in the room during the entirety of the appointment. If the parent or guardian needs to exit the room during the appointment, the accompanied minor must exit with the parent or guardian. 

Adolescents ages 15-17 may receive services without a parent or guardian in the room if all parties consent to treatment and the adolescent will be paired with the same gender therapist. 

If an adolescent appointment is scheduled online and is not scheduled with the appropriate provider, we will need to edit the appointment details. 

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