We are EXCITED to be able to offer ONLINE SCHEDULING once again! BEFORE continuing to the link below, there are a few changes we need to make you aware of. 

We have upgraded our scheduling software and are back with Vagaro!
If you had created a profile through our old software, you will need to make a new profile to be able to schedule online. We do require first and last name, a valid phone number, valid email address and a valid credit card on file for our cancellation policy.

To review our cancellation policy, please click HERE.

We may need to contact you to SHIFT your appointment UP or DOWN to make sure we accommodate the correct amount of time between clients. 

When scheduling your FIRST appointment with us, you will receive an e-mail. In the e-mail there are hyperlinks that will look like this:
Massage Intake Form

Skin Care Intake Form

These are links to online forms that need to be completed BEFORE arriving for your appointment.

If they are not completed before the start of your appointment

we are unable to begin your service until they are completed.

This could cut into your appointment time.

Just click each link on a computer, tablet or phone and fill out online, once you submit they are instantly attached to your account! 

Please avoid arriving extra early for your appointment to keep the waiting room less crowded!

If you enter without a face mask, you will be asked to present your Covid-19 Vaccination Card

 if we have not yet verified your vaccination status. If you wish to remove your face mask, 

please show the desk your card and we will notate your account for a 

mask-free experience!


If you do not wish to show your Vaccination Card that is OK! 

You will need to wear a face covering to enter the building. 

If you do not have one, we do have face coverings for sale for $5 at the door. 

A face covering must be worn at all times except while you are face down 

on the massage table or receiving a facial service and only while on the table.

Also, please bring a water bottle with you to hydrate before and after your session!

For more information regarding our Covid-19 policies and new practices, please click this link.


If you have read through this portion and would like to proceed to schedule online please

click the link below!