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* Rates vary by Therapist


“Ashi” means “foot,” and “atsu” means “pressure.”Oils and lotion are applied to the body, and soft, clean, bare feet give a rhythmic and deep massage. Parallel bars are overhead, used for the therapist’s balance and control. This style offeres a much deeper and broad pressure than a regular hands-on massage but can also be feather light. The glide and direction of the strokes can help to improve posture and aid in faster soft tissue recovery. Ashiatsu Massage is the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet!

30 Min - $70
60 Min - $100
90 Min - $145
2 Hour - $190

Bodywork Unbound Therapeutic Massage & Spa is proud to be the largest Barefoot practice in Rochester and the FIRST to bring Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy Continuing Education to Rochester's Massage Therapists!

For a breakdown of each Therapists' Rates, please click here. 

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