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Cupping Therapy

* Rates vary by Therapist


Cupping Therapy can be thought of as an inverse of massage.
 Rather than applying pressure to muscles the cups use suction to pull the skin and tissue away from the body. The purpose of Cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, stimulate energy flow and balance and identify stagnation that lingers in your body’s tissues. Cupping Therapy helps to oxygenate the deeper layers of muscle for faster recovery time.

Cupping can leave the skin tender or discolored which is normal. The iconic 'cup marks' may be visible however results vary with each client. Discoloration can last up to 10 days after session.

30 Min - $60
60 Min - $90
90 Min - $130
2 Hour - $170

For a breakdown of each Therapists' Rates, please click here. 

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