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Massage +Your Little

* Rates vary by Therapist


Ever need a massage but don't have anywhere to bring your little? Bring them with you! We are proud to be the first in Rochester to offer a massage with a plus one! (Ages 3+) Choose your favorite massage style and add your +1!

While we are excited to be able to offer this addition, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- Please make sure your little uses "whisper voices" when in the waiting room and hallway areas as to not disturb other guests in session.

- If your little needs to use the restroom during your service, you will need to bring them to and from the restroom (a robe will be provided in case this occurs) and it may cut into your treatment time.

- Please bring something to keep your little occupied! If this is an electronic device, please wait to turn it on until you are in the treatment room keeping the volume moderate to low or bring your little's headphones! Please NO slime or playdough-like materials. If your little would like to color, please bring crayons or washable materials.

- We have a designated area for your little to sit while you receive your massage, or they can rest on their own massage table with a blanket and pillow provided!

- Upon your approval, we do have a lollipop incentive for good behavior after your appointment!

- If your little becomes disruptive to other guests and we need to end the session, the price will reflect the service(s) scheduled.

Please call to schedule this appointment as not all providers are available for this service and this can not be scheduled online to ensure the correct treatment room is available!

This is an add-on service to your selected massage style. The price for your massage style and provider remains, for your +1 please see rates below.

30 Minute Massage appointment + $15
60 Minute Massage appointment + $20
90 Minute Massage appointment + $25
2 Hour Massage appointment + $30

For a breakdown of each Therapists' Rates, please click here. 

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