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Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

* Rates vary by Therapist


We specialize in Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage with a more aggressive style for maximum results. During this session, we may incorporate dry brushing, some light cupping, hydrotherapy with warm and cold sensations or guasha tools. Common Post-Surgeries we treat include liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift and more.

We do not drain fluid by opening incisions or medically remove any fluid through syringes. Our therapists are Licensed professionals and certified in MLD to perform these treatments.

6 Weekly to biweekly treatments are suggested for maximum results. Your provider will be able to give you the best plan to optimize your results for a faster recovery.

60 Min - $95
90 Min - $140

For a breakdown of each Therapists' Rates, please click here. 

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